Dealer service retention...

Razor thin margins on new car sales have made dealer service operations all the more important in recent years. Unfortunately, dealers continue to lose market share after the warranty "honeymoon" period ends. Service customer defection is costing dealers a fortune...

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We, Carlisle & Company, have decided to leverage everything we've researched in this space over the past decade- this is considerable. Customers trust and depend on their local "guy" for service and repair - we call this effort "MyGuy".

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Knowledge center

We share dealer best practices as they relate to market share, as well as clips from dozens of focus groups that highlight the voice of the customer. Further, we give tips from top-performing dealers across the country, and a weekly blog that takes a deeper dive into our research to synthesize all of our findings.

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An interactive community

Most importantly, serves as a dynamic community for dealer service departments. You will be able to submit successes and failures to us, ask questions about the program, discuss with others on our forum, take surveys, and interact via social media. We funnel all collective knowledge back to the community with weekly updates. Your dealers have a wealth of knowledge out there. So do we. It’s time to share it.

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